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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Strategic Issue:  
How can we promote healthy lifestyles and prevent disease in Pinellas County?

Health promotion and disease prevention encompasses a range of health concerns, including obesity, cancer, heart disease, tobacco use, and immunizations. Among these are the leading causes of death within Pinellas County, cancer and heart disease. Pinellas rates of smoking remain higher than both the state rate and Healthy People 2020 goal. Similarly, Pinellas children remain under-vaccinated, putting them at greater risk for infectious disease.

Goals, strategies, and objectives were developed by the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention work team participants listed below and community stakeholders.

Our Goals
  • Goal HPDP 1.  Increase the percentage of adults and children who are at a healthy weight
  • Goal HPDP 2.  Increase behaviors that improve chronic disease health outcomes
  • Goal HPDP 3.  Increase protection against the spread of infectious disease